Welcome to City Church Sheffield: Alpha

Everyone has questions...

At this time when "normal life" is suspended and plans are on hold - why not take time to explore the Christian faith, and the big questions of life within a friendly and welcoming community?

A quick video to introduce you to Alpha

Why try Alpha?

Alpha is a ten week course where anyone can come along and explore the Big Questions of Life.

During the evening (which will last about 90 mins), you'll watch an episode from the Alpha Film Series then join a small group to discuss what you've seen and ask any questions you might have. Or listen. It's up to you. There is no pressure, and no one will think your questions are irrelevant, too hard or too simple.

Millions of people have taken part in an Alpha course for all kinds of reasons - what's yours?


Click the link below to sign up, and we'll send you the details you need to join in