City Church Sheffield began life in 1997. Initially meeting in Walkley, we were — through God's guidance and many miracles — able to buy and renovate the Jubilee Centre, on Wilson Road near Hunter's Bar, where we began meeting in 2000. The whole process taught us valuable lessons about faith and prayer, and the move itself gave us a new focus on the whole city.

In the years that followed, there was a new impetus in outreach that became concentrated in the north of the city. Key among our projects at that time were a Kidz Klub, parent and toddler group and debt advice centre. Some members of the church moved to Shirecliffe, Burngreave and Pitsmoor; and all together this paved the way for the next phase in the life of the church.

One Church — Three Congregations

The vision to reach and represent the whole city led us to re-launch into two new congregations in 2009 – one meeting at the Jubilee Centre, and another starting at the Shirecliffe Community Centre. In February 2015 we started meeting as three congregations with two meetings at the Jubilee Centre on Sunday mornings at 9:30am and 11:30am. All three congregations are a positive expression of the same vision, overseen by the same team of elders, and therefore very much together part of the same church. They are just small steps on our course to become a multi-site church, believing that God would help us share the love of God to more people in Sheffield; and, in the process, establish more congregations across the city.

Unexpected Change

Back in December 2012, God demonstrated his faithfulness and care during a time of very different change — the lead elder and founding father of the church, Arnold Bell, passed away. From the outset, God used him to teach and pastor the church, laying a foundation of grace and faith, love for God’s Word and prayer... the list could go on. Then in 2013, we recognised the call of God on another elder, Mark Rushworth, and his family to move to Canada. He and his family are now part of a church in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where Mark serves on staff.

New Chapter

City Church Sheffield is now led by Dan Maton, Richard Owen and Chris Chart. However, whilst a new "chapter" is beginning, it's the same story unfolding, with the foundations and the vision of the church unchanged. Now, as a church of three congregations, our desire is to continue to be a community of Jesus' followers, passionately loving God and making disciples — both in this city and beyond.