One Church, Six Hubs

So, what is a “hub”?

A hub is around 50 or more people from City Church Sheffield who live in a similar part of town. City Church is now grouped into six of these hubs: six local collections of people doing life, discipleship and mission together.

Each hub is lead by a team and is the primary place where we live out our vision of being friends and enjoying God together.

These are the hubs and their leaders:

Firth Park, Burngreave and Shirecliffe

led by Rich & Nicki, Blessan & Katherine, Paul & Louise and Mark & Beth.

Hillsborough, Stannington and Wadsley

led by Steve & Rachel, Mark & Lesley and Graham & Fiona.

Walkley, Upperthorpe and Crookes

led by Ben & Jules, Naomi and Phil & Fay.

Fulwood, Greystones and Ecclesall

led by Alasdaire & Chris and Chris & Anne.

Norton, Woodseats, Beauchief and Bradway

led by Grant & Lindsay, Kieran & Anna, Simon & Hazel, Chris & Wendy and Patrick & Michelle.

Brincliffe, Nether Edge, Sharrow and Highfield

led by Dan & Rach, Tom & Ellen, Will and Steve & Tracey.

If you would like to know more about connecting with us, then getting in touch with one of these teams would be a great place to start. You can do this by emailing

Four ingredients of Hubs

1. Being friends, enjoying God together.

In John 15 Jesus says “I no longer call you servants… instead I have called you friends” . We're called into friendship with God and friendship with one another. Whatever badge we might feel we’ve been given by the world or the church, the atmosphere amongst us is that of friends enjoying God together. It is significant that this ingredient comes first! Sometimes in church groups the emphasis is so much on the mission but there's no depth of actual friendship between people. It's almost like a business arrangement. That's not the atmosphere that we want in the life of City Church Sheffield, nor in our hubs.

2. Empowered by the Word and by the Spirit

This is how we have built the church and will continue to do so. With regards to hubs, we don’t have lots of detail of what it will look or feel like, as life is very unpredictable at the moment. We will need to revisit it and change it over time, which means the whole picture is going to emerge over time, a bit like doing a jigsaw.

3. Bring the kingdom to where we are

In the workplace, at the school gate, in our neighbourhood, on our street in all sorts of different places. Sometimes the courageous thing to do is actually to do less with church and more on your frontline. With Hubs, we purposely won’t be doing lots. Hubs aren’t here to primarily to put on big events or programmes of activity, but to help us share the Kingdom with people that we meet and connect with.

4. Reaching nations and making disciples

Hubs are geographically based and have a focus on that area, but hubs are not narrow-minded and only thinking about their local patch. They work out locally a big global vision in seeking the Kingdom right across the world. We have friends from this church move to other places and we stand with them and support them in seeing the kingdom come in the Middle East, in Zambia, in Canada, in Japan to name a few. But we also want to see the Kingdom of God come here in Sheffield, among all the nations of the world that have been brought to Sheffield.