Life Groups

Life Groups are one of the key ways we live out our Vision as City Church Sheffield. As God’s family we gather in homes where we can look at His Word, and help each other apply all we see there. To hear more on our Vision, see our Vision Nights page.

For this term, our Life Groups will be focused on gathering locally to discuss the new preaching series together. Also we will be able to break bread, worship and pray together. In doing so, we can expect to grow in friendship, in faith and to have an opportunity to consider how we love the people and communities where we live and the places we work or spend our time.

Our Life Groups are spread across the city so we encourage you to sign up to one that is local to you and connected to the Site of which you are a part. They meet at a variety of times and will run for 10 weeks. If you are unsure which one to sign up for, please chat with a trusted friend, the leader of the Life Group, or one of the Site Team. As groups meet in homes, there is a limit on numbers for practical reasons, so perhaps have an alternative group in mind too.

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