Life Groups

Life Groups are one of the ways we live out our vision that we’ve recently been reminded of during our Vision Nights. Meeting at various times and locations around Sheffield, they will run for 10 weeks at a time, with the first ones launching in early May. There will be a refreshed set of Life Groups three times a year.

To help guide you, the Life Groups are arranged by which site they are attached to, a few of which are are for people based at either our North or West sites. The day of the week and time of day are also shown to help match with your availability.

There are a variety of emphasises, so have a browse of the descriptions and seek God for which one He would have you choose. Please do have conversations as well, as you choose. A trusted friend, the Leader of a Life Group, or one of the Site Team are all good options.

As many groups meet in homes, there will be a practical limit on numbers, so you may want to have an alternative in mind too. We expect many groups/courses to repeat so future opportunities will be available.

How to sign up for a Life Group

You will be able to sign up below 28 April 2019. It's a straightforward process - no passwords are needed! Having said that, help is available. You can ask someone you know to do this on your behalf. Also, after our Sunday meetings on 28 April and 5 May, there will be a helper with a laptop who can sign you up.

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