Life Groups - West

Life Groups are one of the ways we live out our vision that we’ve recently been reminded of during our Vision Nights. Meeting at various times and locations around Sheffield, they run for 10 weeks at a time, having been launched in early May. There will be a refreshed set of Life Groups three times a year.

Food and Story

Tuesday, 20:00-21:45, Various homes
Led by: Blessan Babu, Adrian Vickers & Mike Lee

"Food and Story" is a gathering of men, which aims to provide an opportunity to develop friendships between people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Welcoming Well

Wednesday, 19:45-21:30, Greystones
Led by: Chris Duerden

This is a group seeking to develop and improve the experience of visitors to City Church Sheffield. Members of the North and West Welcome Teams are invited to attend, and anyone who has a vision for seeing visitors welcomed well.

The Marriage Course

Wednesday, 19:45-21:30, Jubilee Centre
Led by: Nick & Sarah Samaniego

This is the perfect opportunity to spend some time building and refining your relationship. A bit of a marriage MOT. It is suited to those who have been married for a couple of years or more. It utilises the Marriage Course DVD’s by Nicky and Sila Lee and the setting is going to be like a date night. There will be a journal that goes alongside the DVD’s and (optional) homework each week. Couples will have their own table and there is no group discussion.

Community Group (Daytime)

Tuesday, 10:00-12:00, Various
Led by: Phil & Fay Horton

Supporting one another, chewing over the message from Sunday, praying together and breaking bread - as well has having a load of fun together.

Mum’s sharing their walk with God

Tuesday, 10:00-11:30, Woodseats
Led by: Helen Ashurst

An opportunity to be genuine with each other about where they are in their relationship with God, to share the things he speaks to them about, read scripture together, be honest and accountable with their struggles and most importantly pray together.

Daytime Community Group (South)

Wednesday, 10:30-12:00, Jubilee Centre
Led by: Geoff & Jane Hill

Stories Jesus told. This group will look at some of the parables of Jesus. Open for all ages. Toys will be made available for young children. There will also be a few socials in the 10 weeks.

This is Us

Wednesday, 19:00, Millhouses
Led by: Chris & Anne Brand

For relative new-comers to City Church, looking to get to know others, and learn more about the vision and values of the church. Each evening will begin with a meal, followed by looking at a Bible passage and discussing a key area of Christian life together.

Being Missional (South)

Wednesday, 20:00, Norton
Led by: Kieran & Anna Crow

Based in South Sheffield, gather and encourage each other in daily life, with a focus on supporting each other in reaching out to neighbours and the local community.

Community Group

Wednesday, 20:00, Stannington
Led by: Jonny & Hannah Wilson

Supporting one another, chewing over the message from Sunday, praying together and breaking bread - as well has having a load of fun together.

Sing a New Song

Wednesday, 20:00, Woodseats
Led by: Tom & Kirsten Davies

This group is for musicians and vocalists. Join us as we develop our skills on our instruments while learning new songs, worshipping God together and perhaps having a go at writing some of our own new songs.


Wednesday, 20:00, Various
Led by: Neil Fletcher

ManWalk will seek to encourage men of all ages to walk with Jesus: honouring the responsibilities, giftings, and weaknesses that the Lord has entrusted to each one of us (no matter how hidden, small, prominent, or significant they are). Every other week we will meet in a home to talk, pray, and encourage each other in truth and love. In the other weeks we will probably do something social (eg. walk), practical (eg. helping others), or just have the evening off “organised” activity.

Fulwood Life Group

Wednesday, 20:00-22:00, Fulwood
Led by: Simon & Lucy Smith

Gathering to support and encourage each other over a cuppa, talk through the message from Sunday and pray together, as we look to God, look after each other, and look outwards.

Jesus and Food

Friday, 17:00, Sharrow
Led by: Dan & Rachel Maton

Getting together at teatime to eat, look at the Bible together and invite friends to join us! For singles, couples and families.