This page will be kept up to date with our latest online meetings as we continue to be church together.


Each Sunday at 10:30am we will be having an (almost) live Sunday service over on our YouTube channel. We invite you to get together in front of your internet enabled devices with your families, housemates, or simply yourself for a time of encouragement, worship, teaching and breaking bread.

Subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to enable notifications for when we broadcast.

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Prayer meetings

We will also be "gathering" in our homes on Sunday evenings at 7:30pm for our prayer meetings. These will also be hosted via our YouTube channel and can be accessed via the links below.

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Take part

If you have a prayer or testimony to encourage the church at our next service then please email us the text to, or make a short video and send it to us for consideration.

Recording tips

  • you can use a camera phone
  • Try and record during daylight, but if this is not possible, record in the best lit room you can find. Make sure all of the lights are on and that you (rather than the background or wall behind you) are well lit!
  • if you record outside, make sure the background noise isn't too loud, and that it isn't too windy
  • record in landscape
  • keep the camera still by placing on a firm surface or getting someone else to hold it for you
  • start your recording by saying "My name is <say your first name> and I'm in <say where you are>" - e.g. "My name is Chris and I'm in Millhouses"
  • watch back and check that the audio and the video recorded ok, If you recorded outside, particularly check that the wind hasn't affected the audio
  • check that the file is maximum 2GB

Sending a video to us

  1. Go to
  2. Send To:
  3. Add the file, your email address and any message
  4. Press 'Transfer'

Any problems, send a standard email to and we'll help you out.