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John | Abraham | James

Grant Riley | Sunday October 31, 2021 | John

Jesus demonstrates his divinity by clearing the courts, by architectural arguments and by obvious omniscience. The animals in the temple courts were being sold at inflated prices and were taking up the only space where gentiles were allowed to worship God. The real temple is Jesus’ body, the place where God dwells, and this is why he has authority.

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The Death of Abraham

Genesis 25:1-11

Grant Riley | Sunday August 8, 2021 | Abraham

God was faithful to Abraham throughout Abraham’s life and, like Jesus, he lived a life of service. In being buried in the Promised Land Abraham trusted God’s promise to give the land to his descendents, and we can look back and see how God was faithful after Abraham’s death.

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Grant Riley | Sunday May 9, 2021 | Abraham

God’s covenant is a binding and contractual promise between God and Abraham. There are many blessings promised to Abraham, and all Abrham has to do is to walk with God faithfully and blamelessly and to circumcise all males. Abraham’s ultimate response is obedience. Physical circumcision is no longer required but circumcision of our hearts is required.

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Just Do It

James 1:19-27

Grant Riley | Sunday October 11, 2020 | James

We need to change not just our actions but also our hearts, which we do by humbly accepting the word planted in us. We accept this by obeying it. True religion involves a change in the way we speak, a concern for the most vulnerable and keeping ourselves from being corrupted by the world.

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Grant Riley | Sunday September 8, 2019 | Joseph

Through Jacob’s final words we see that the plans of God work out despite the sins and actions of humans. Through Judah’s offspring, Christ, we see the original curse enacted due to Adam’s sin and impacting all of us, is overcome through Christ’s sacrifice. This reconciles us with God and allows us to love a holy life for him.

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From Prison to Palace

Genesis 41:1-45

Grant Riley | Sunday June 9, 2019 | Joseph

Joseph didn’t do anything to get to the palace except serve God. God had been working on his character, overseeing people and events throughout Joseph’s life. Like Joseph, we were slaves, but have been rescued by Jesus.

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God and Idols

1 Kings 18:17-39

Grant Riley | Sunday October 29, 2017 | Miscellaneous

We idolise ourselves by making ourselves the centre of our lives, and there are two symptoms of self-worship - worry and guilt. God wants his people to worship only him.

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The Last Supper

Mark 14:12-26

Grant Riley | Sunday January 29, 2017 | The Way of the Cross

The last meal Jesus had with his disciples is no longer about freedom from slavery in Egypt but freedom from slavery to sin. The Lord’s Supper brings us back to Jesus when we’ve drifted, it reminds us of all Jesus bought for us and that we are part of God’s people, and it helps us to look forward to the celebration meal in God’s Kingdom.

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Grant Riley | Sunday December 13, 2015 | Miscellaneous

Christ is our example in his humility, service and love. He calls us to imitate him, particularly in how we relate to others.

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