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John | Abraham | James

Kieran Crow | Sunday January 23, 2022 | John

Spiritual food is more important than physical food, but the crowds sought Jesus because he fed them physically.

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Kieran Crow | Sunday June 13, 2021 | Abraham

Abraham has huge promises from God, but his driving force is fear. Fear can make us do things that we shouldn’t do, and not do the thing that we should do.

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The Tongue

James 3:1-12

Kieran Crow | Sunday November 1, 2020 | James

Just as a horse’s bit and a ship’s rudder can control the direction of the horse or ship, so the tongue has a great implication to the direction of our lives. We can try our hardest to control our tongue, but it cannot be tamed. James warns us that how we use the tongue is important, and although we are all judged by the same standard, teachers will be judged more strictly.

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Kieran Crow | Sunday August 6, 2017 | Miscellaneous

Daniel faced a whole range of challenges in Babylon, how did he remain in the culture and honour God? How do we make Godly decisions in a society which does not honour God.

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Kieran Crow | Sunday March 13, 2016 | Miscellaneous

God’s grace has brought salvation. If we accept it, we are saved, and we will be saved when he comes again; and while we wait, his grace teaches us to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives.

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