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The Exalted One

Acts 2:22-37

Roger Bye | Sunday November 22, 2020 | Miscellaneous

We mustn’t have a domesticated view of Jesus. He is exalted in heaven, and our appropriate response is one of worship and repentance. He is also enthroned, and so we should live as a community of kingdom people. And he is also active, pouring out his Spirit. We may be in Lockdown, but Heaven is still open.

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Roger Bye | Sunday November 24, 2019 | Guest Speakers

God was Jacob’s shepherd all his life. He is a shepherd deliverer, a shepherd warrior and a kingly shepherd. The shepherd sought and found us, and collectively we are his flock. Our mission is to take the gospel to the people of the nation and our communities, who are like sheep without a shepherd.

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