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Sermon series: Abraham

Dan Maton | Sunday March 28, 2021 | Abraham

How do we get back on track with God? By repenting and putting God first, by being willing to make hard decisions rather than drifting when we meet with challenges and by walking by faith like Abraham, rather than walking by sight like Lot.

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God's Grace is Big Enough

Genesis 12:10-20

Richard Owen | Sunday March 14, 2021 | Abraham

Abraham and Sarah saw famine and there were hard decisions to be made, but they also saw the grace and sovereignty of God. Living in God’s promises doesn’t make us immune to hardship, and the grace and sovereignty of God doesn’t mean we are free from sin and bad choices. God’s grace can come through very strange means - it sees the vulnerable and covers over all sins.

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The Call of Abraham

Genesis 12:1-9

Dan Maton | Sunday March 7, 2021 | Abraham

Abraham didn’t make the decision to move; it was God who took the initiative. Abraham was nobody special and was slow to obey God. Nevertheless, he trusted God, and we also should trust God even when we don’t understand what God is doing. So let’s follow Abraham’s example of a life a faith, a life of obedience and life of worship.

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