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Sermon series: John

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Chris Chart | Sunday February 20, 2022 | John

Jesus healed physically, and he still does it today. He focuses on the work of God. Even after being healed, the man would have remained spiritually blind if he hadn’t believed in Jesus.

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Richard Owen | Sunday February 13, 2022 | John

Jesus is the light of the world. Just as God sent a pillar of fire to lead the Israelites, so now he has sent Jesus into the world. The light exposes darkness and sin, leads us to the Father, and gives life.

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Dan Maton | Sunday February 6, 2022 | John

If we are thirsty, the first thing to do is to come to Jesus, and the second thing to do is to drink. We should be doing this on a daily basis. Jesus is the only source of life and vitality.

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Dan Maton | Sunday January 30, 2022 | John

The world hates Jesus, and in the same way it hates us, his followers. We can’t wait for the world to start loving Jesus before we step out in faith.

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Kieran Crow | Sunday January 23, 2022 | John

Spiritual food is more important than physical food, but the crowds sought Jesus because he fed them physically.

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Chris Chart | Sunday January 16, 2022 | John

A loving God might want to send us into rough waters, but we can find hope. We should take note of what God has already provided, remember that he is with us in our circumstances so that we can trust in his presence, and remember that change is possible and that God can intervene in our circumstances.

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Richard Owen | Sunday January 9, 2022 | John

What do we see about Jesus in this passage? We see his compassionate care, even when it’s not convenient. How do we respond? We shouldn’t close our eyes and ignore the facts. We might be tempted to think we have nothing to offer, but Andrew speaks up. Jesus is not an answer, but the answer, and so we should trust our provider with everything.

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Dan Maton | Sunday January 2, 2022 | John

Those who saw Jesus’ signs went and told others about him and who he might be. Jesus is full of compassion and utterly courageous. When it comes to following Jesus we should not be cautious but utterly courageous.

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