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Wisdom Revisited

James 3:13-18

Dan Maton | Sunday November 8, 2020 | James

James is addressing people who may be experience many big changes in their lives and are not copying or responding well, so he points them to the wisdom of God - its source, which is Jesus who is the wisdom of God; its character; and its outcome. We can bless the world around us by making peace because we have listened to Jesus.

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The Tongue

James 3:1-12

Kieran Crow | Sunday November 1, 2020 | James

Just as a horse’s bit and a ship’s rudder can control the direction of the horse or ship, so the tongue has a great implication to the direction of our lives. We can try our hardest to control our tongue, but it cannot be tamed. James warns us that how we use the tongue is important, and although we are all judged by the same standard, teachers will be judged more strictly.

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Faith with Deeds

James 2:14-26

Blessan Babu | Sunday October 25, 2020 | James

We are God’s handiwork, saved by faith but saved for good works.

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Richard Owen | Sunday October 18, 2020 | James

James gives us an encouragement - to love our neighbours whether they’re similar to us or not; a challenge - not to show favouritism, which can be a lot more subtle than in the example James gives; and an assurance - mercy triumphs over judgment, so we no longer have to strive to be accepted.

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Just Do It

James 1:19-27

Grant Riley | Sunday October 11, 2020 | James

We need to change not just our actions but also our hearts, which we do by humbly accepting the word planted in us. We accept this by obeying it. True religion involves a change in the way we speak, a concern for the most vulnerable and keeping ourselves from being corrupted by the world.

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Ben Gibbins | Sunday September 27, 2020 | James

There are four steps to dealing with our inner desires and temptations. We should keep our eye on the end goal; realise where the temptation comes from and where it leads; deal with our desire, not just our actions; and remember God’s goodness and good gifts to us.

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Richard Owen | Sunday September 20, 2020 | James

What do we rejoice in? Jesus talks about the deceitfulness of wealth. We shouldn’t rejoice in our wealth or our lack of it, but in Christ and our position in him. Our hope is in Jesus, and we are living for him not for better jobs or better houses.

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Dan Maton | Sunday September 13, 2020 | James

We are to respond to the trials of life by pursuing wisdom. This comes from God, who is wise beyond measure. We should be eager to pray to God, asking him for wisdom, knowing that he is eager to give it.

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Dan Maton | Sunday September 6, 2020 | James

How do we respond to the trials of life? We are to respond with joy, not because the trials are enjoyable in themselves but because we recognise what God is doing through them. Let’s allow perseverance to finish its work.

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Richard Owen | Sunday August 23, 2020 | Wake Up

Jesus would have us recognize our king, follow our king and pray to our king.

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Another Wake Up Call!

Matthew 25:1-13

Dan Maton | Sunday August 16, 2020 | Wake Up

We are reminded of the importance of being spiritually awake and alert. There has been a long wait for Jesus to return, and we need to be careful how we handle this wait - the reason for the delay is so that everybody can hear the gospel. We need to be prepared - we can’t rely on the spirituality or prayerfulness of others.

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Tim Davies | Sunday August 2, 2020 | Miscellaneous

The year 2020 is a year of drought, but the righteous are not anxious in the year of drought because their delight in the Lord in whom they trust.

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Serving Like Jesus

Mark 10:35-45

Jeremy Simpkins | Sunday July 26, 2020 | Miscellaneous

Jesus was the heavenly Son of Man of Daniel 7 and yet he came to serve. not to be served. He was glorified as he was lifted upon the cross, with a thief on either side of him. James and John didn’t know what they were asking for when they asked to sit on either side of him.

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Salt, Light and Trouble

Matthew 5:11-16

Aaron Edwards | Sunday July 19, 2020 | Wake Up

Salt is a preservative, and it brings out the flavour. We are meant to be different from the world, but our danger is compromise . We should be more defiant than we are. We should challenge things in the world that need challenging, even though we will experience kickback for this.

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Richard Owen | Sunday July 12, 2020 | Wake Up

Perhaps we are meant to be experiencing the things we are experiencing. We might ask of this is the right time, but Joseph was faithful in the here and now - as a slave, as a prisoner and as a leader in Egypt. God is with us in all our circumstances.

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Richard Owen | Sunday July 5, 2020 | Wake Up

God can use us whoever we are. Whatever the problems around us, the real problem is our sin, and God wants us to deal with this and to walk faithfully with him.

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Wake Up

Revelation 3:1-6

Dan Maton | Sunday June 28, 2020 | Wake Up

Perhaps we need a wake-up call. A church can fall asleep by lying down (assuming a low profile), getting comfy (living for pleasure), and staying still (not acting on what we hear). A church can make sure it’s woken up by standing up (making it clear we’re with Jesus), getting dressed (getting rid of sin) and having breakfast (being sustained by God’s Word, not our own will-power). It is worth waking up because we get the opportunity to walk with Jesus and will be honoured by Jesus before the Father.

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His Grace is Sufficient

2 Corinthians 12:6-10

Richard Owen | Sunday June 21, 2020 | What's so amazing about grace?

Jesus doesn’t ensure that bad things don’t happen but that they don’t separate us from the love of God. God’s plan for us is not that we don’t face danger but that we depend on his grace.

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Supernatural Generosity

2 Corinthians 8:1-15

Dan Maton | Sunday June 14, 2020 | What's so amazing about grace?

We should consider supernatural generosity, and not believe the myths that having more money makes it easier to give, that I don’t have the gift of generosity, that giving should always be spontaneous and that we should give without expecting something in return.

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Richard Owen | Sunday June 7, 2020 | What's so amazing about grace?

There are some things we have to wait for, but there are other we don’t have to wait for. We can celebrate what God has already done. We already have total forgiveness, ongoing transformation and a new identity and relationship with God.

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