Richard Owen | Sunday October 27, 2019 | It's all about Jesus

Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and he is the Gate through which his sheep must come. David fought for his sheep because they were his, but Jesus lays down his life for his sheep.

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Dan Maton | Sunday October 20, 2019 | It's all about Jesus

Jesus rescued us not just from the darkness in the world around us, but also from the darkness in our own hearts. We can walk in darkness or we can have the light of life by following Jesus and obeying his teaching.

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Jeremy Simpkins | Sunday October 13, 2019 | Miscellaneous

Jesus doesn’t come to us to help us fight our battles for so that we can join him in his battle. When we encounter Jesus, we should respond with new worship, a new submission, a new devotion, a new vision a new unity and a new exercise of faith.

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Dan Maton | Sunday October 6, 2019 | It's all about Jesus

God loves the hungry, he tests those who have all they want, and even when we go through difficulties in this life he satisfies those who believe in him. So let’s not just seek good things, or good works, or miracles, but instead, seek God himself.

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Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

John 4:4-19, 4:27-34

Chris Frost | Sunday September 29, 2019 | It's all about Jesus

Jesus sacrificially loves the Samaritan woman where she is, knowing her history and lifestyle.

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Richard Owen | Sunday September 22, 2019 | It's all about Jesus

We are encouraged to focus on Jesus, not just in his incarnation but as the eternal word. He didn’t come to fill a “God-shaped hole” in our lives, but to make us children of God.

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Total Forgiveness

Genesis 49:29-50:26

Dan Maton | Sunday September 15, 2019 | Joseph

Following Jacob’s death, the brothers wonder if Joseph has really forgiven them. He has: and followers of Jesus need not ask the same question of God - they have been totally forgiven by him. Christians don’t need to live with a nagging sense of guilt but can know the fullness of God’s grace and peace.

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Grant Riley | Sunday September 8, 2019 | Joseph

Through Jacob’s final words we see that the plans of God work out despite the sins and actions of humans. Through Judah’s offspring, Christ, we see the original curse enacted due to Adam’s sin and impacting all of us, is overcome through Christ’s sacrifice. This reconciles us with God and allows us to love a holy life for him.

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Richard Owen | Sunday September 1, 2019 | Joseph

Jacob believes God and his promise, he relies on the faithfulness of God, and trusts in God’s sovereign choice. We are called to walk in his footsteps believing God for tomorrow as well as for the rest of our lives.

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Blessan Babu | Sunday August 18, 2019 | Joseph

We can find our identity in our name, or profession, or the football team we support, but our identity is as a son of God.

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Jacob Decides to go to Egypt

Genesis 45:25-46:27

Dan Maton | Sunday August 4, 2019 | Joseph

God takes our brokeness and mistakes and can rebuild our lives, as we look to him and walk his way.

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Jeremy Simpkins | Sunday July 28, 2019 | Miscellaneous

God has called us to be a church for the nations: to be sent out to bless the nations; and to reach the nations and tribes at the end of our street, and the end of our comfort zone.

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Ben Gibbins | Sunday July 21, 2019 | Joseph

Joseph forgave his brothers with weeping and embraces, but years later they weren’t totally sure he’d truly forgiven them. We can find it hard to accept God’s forgiveness but he has truly forgiven us.

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Dan Maton | Sunday July 14, 2019 | Joseph

Joseph tests his brothers to see whether they have changed or whether they will allow Benjamin to become a slave. Judah shows that he has changed, and is willing to bear Benjamin’s punishment himself - just as Jesus bore our punishment.

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Dealing with Fear

Genesis 42:1-34

Richard Owen | Sunday July 7, 2019 | Joseph

Jacob is paralysed with fear, which prevents him from walking in faith and leads to him blaming others. If we don’t recognise Jesus then we too will be trapped in fear - it is Jesus who drives out fear.

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Catching the Little Foxes

Song of Songs 2:15

Dan Maton | Sunday June 30, 2019 | Miscellaneous

The foxes represent small things that might be overlooked, but in fact are destructive, distracting or discouraging. We should catch them by staying close to the King (Jesus) and his bride (the Church).

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Blessan Babu | Sunday June 23, 2019 | Joseph

Joseph’s brothers have been living with the guilt and shame of what they did to him, and God uses him to bring them to repentance. Jacob thinks everything is against him because he is walking by sight not by faith.

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God Working in All Things

Genesis 41:41-57

Dan Maton | Sunday June 16, 2019 | Joseph

God is sovereign and works in the things that grieve him and the things that please him. He is merciful, kind and our judge. Our response to to believe him and point others to him.

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From Prison to Palace

Genesis 41:1-45

Grant Riley | Sunday June 9, 2019 | Joseph

Joseph didn’t do anything to get to the palace except serve God. God had been working on his character, overseeing people and events throughout Joseph’s life. Like Joseph, we were slaves, but have been rescued by Jesus.

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Richard Owen | Sunday June 2, 2019 | Joseph

God speaks through dreams. Joseph had two dreams at the age of 17 and waited over 11 years for them to be fulfilled. In his difficulties he trusted God, who was working things out according to his own timing.

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