Our name — City Church Sheffield — speaks volumes about the things we believe. Here's a brief summary of what excites us.

First: "Church"

We are convinced of what the Bible speaks about the church. It tells us:

  • From the beginning of time God has always wanted His own people — people who belong to Him, honour Him, and enjoy Him.
  • And then at just the right time in world history Jesus Christ, God's Son, was born as a man to show us clearly what God is like. He then died as a substitute for rebellious humanity. All those who face up to their sin and believe in the now-risen Jesus are forgiven and able to know God as Father. This new family is the Church.
  • At the end of time, Jesus will return to summon his Church from all nations to be with him forever.
  • In the meantime, Jesus has given his Spirit to the Church. What he began to do and teach continues in the Church.
  • All people, of any age or background, are invited to be a part of this growing and diverse family.
  • The local church isn't a building and it isn't committed to denominational traditions: it is a sub-section of this supernatural, vibrant and global family.

So we aren't excited by "religion", church-going, or just maintaining a programme. Instead, we are delighted to belong to God's Church 24/7 and thrilled to see people joining us on the adventure of following such an awesome God.

Second: "City"

The Church should be a living demonstration that Jesus Christ is very good news for everyone. So our desire is to be a benefit to the city in which we live, to be a church that reaches and includes people from every district of Sheffield, and which makes a name for God rather than ourselves. To that end we have two meetings in different parts of the city on Sundays, with a vision to start more congregations in the future.


Whether you are native to Sheffield or new to the city; whether English is your first language or second; whatever your age or background — the Church has a genuine welcome for you. It's a place where you can belong.