Vision Nights

Back in early 2019, we spent some time on Wednesday evenings looking at our vision and values.

Each Wednesday has a corresponding Sunday message - click the appropriate link to access that material.


Jesus chose to bring his kingdom by means of people going about their everyday lives. The Church is based on apostolic foundations and shaped by prophetic ministry.


We should not believe something just because respected preachers believe it. We should have a personal eagerness for the Word of God, and when somebody is preaching we should listen with corporate expectation, faith-filled listening and purposeful prayer.


We should expect to receive the Holy Spirit when people lay their hands on us. The consequences will be Spirit-inspired gifts, Spirit-empowered worship, power to witness, supernatural encounters, healings and miracles, and genuine life-change.

Vision%20nights%202019%20session%20four%20sermon%20graphic%20 %20people%20of%20grace

Understanding grace in all its truth involves understanding what we once were and what are now, and how we moved from the dominion of darkness to the kingdom of light. It leads to joy. We need to avoid three enemies of grace - religion, mysticism and legalism.

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The Church is the family of God. We should aim to be a welcoming family and show hospitality to visitors. In order to do this, we need to be intentional and deliberate, and the whole Church needs to be involved.

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Generosity doesn’t rely on being wealthy, but is a heart attitude. Giving should be joyful, seen as a privilege, voluntary, discrete and cheerful. By giving generously we store up treasure in heaven.

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A look at what our new Life Groups are all about.

Find more information on Life Groups.


The disciples prayed because of Jesus’ example, teaching, instruction and promises. They knew that prayer is essential but also that it is fruitful. We should pray with urgency but also with expectancy.