The Church is the family of God, and at City Church Sheffield we love having students’ part of our family. The Church is full of diversity and united through Jesus - we want students to be united with one another and with Church family of all ages and backgrounds.

City Church is a lively group of individuals brought together by God into His family, with the Bible and the Holy Spirit at their heart. Students have the opportunity to get fully involved in all we do as a Church. That can be through joining a Hub, coming to one of our Sunday meetings and coming along to students’ specific events. Of course being part of the Church gives an opportunity to serve, so we encourage students to serve across all areas of Church life.

We want to bless students while they’re in Sheffield. Students will be trained for life, leadership and prepared for whatever God leads them to post-university. Students at City Church are:

  • Equipped by God
  • Embedded Into Family
  • Excited for Mission


The best way to live your life is to take each and every step with Jesus. The Bible describes this as walking in step with the Holy Spirit. At City Church we do this by fellowship and studying God's Word together on Sundays, in Hubs and as students all together. Students have the opportunity to meet all together to eat food, play games and study God’s word at the Manna Café on Friday evenings, this is 7-9pm at the Jubilee Centre.


It's people that makes a new city a home. Students have the opportunity to build friendships with other students and those outside the student bubble. By being part of a Hub and serving in all areas of the church, students get the opportunity to build deep friendships with the whole church family. You can find out more about being part of a Hub by coming along on a Sunday, to the Manna Café, or connecting with us online.


Jesus sends out His disciples many times throughout scripture. We believe that the church today carries the same mandate — to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, which includes Sheffield! Like the rest of the Church family, students are encouraged and excited about sharing Jesus' good news with housemates, course-mates, family and anybody they come into contact with.

To find out more info, Like our Facebook page, Instagram or email Feel free to ask any questions you have about City Church, Sheffield, university life or anything really! Send us an email or a message us on Facebook and someone on the Student Team will get back to you. You could also fill out this short Student Interest Form.

We look forward to seeing you soon!